Trending Gift Ideas for 2018 | Ladypreneur Shops

Well, we have done your holiday homework!  Let’s face it, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start to find the gift for each special person in your life.  No longer any need to be overwhelmed. From the men in your life, the pickiest friend, the cook,  + even gifts under $50.  We have it all! Even some ways to give back this holiday season!

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Holiday Planning the Ladypreneur Way

FREE Holiday Shopping + Entertaining Planning Pages .pdf Downloads:  Holiday Planning the Ladypreneur Way!

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9 ways to stay balanced + happy this holiday season

The holidays are among us and with it comes the chaos of packed schedules + excess EVERYTHING! So here are 9 great ways to help keep the peace + stay balanced through the season!

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Ladypreneur Black Friday Special

The Ladypreneur Black Friday Special Discount +  Why Everyone Needs an Updated Planner:  Share the Success!

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