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Best Planner 2018

The Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director is the best planner for busy entrepreneurs in 2018

The busy entrepreneur isn’t writing easy to-dos or keeping a simple calendar; they are a master at balancing a schedule of healthy relationships, professional development, + the best kind of inspired productivity.  They are aware of the importance of keeping a calendar + detailed records to gain steam in their personal + professional investments.

The right planner will help those with active, complex lifestyles progress from forgetful to efficient by making the most of every minute with effective planning, turning ‘to do’s’ into scheduled action.

We conducted a market research survey to uncover the best planner 2018 design + function elements in an effort to create a tool that would allow us, + ultimately others, the ability to define goals for balance, focus, + increased productivity.  Here is what we discovered comprises planner needed for day directing success:

Best Planner 2018 Design Elements

Multiple Calendar Views

The most popular planners have both monthly calendar as well as a weekly delineations for scheduling timelines.


A planner should be fully customizable, with the user being able to commit to begin using it whenever + however they like.

Success Plan Built In

Today’s entrepreneur benefits from a little ‘in the box’ thinking, because their lifestyle is so individualized.  The best planner will give them the opportunity to take into account budget + financial growth, as well as personal budgets for overall fiscal health.

Social Media Tracking + Scheduling

The entrepreneur is  their brand, so scheduling in the commitment is the first step to start reaching development goals.


Pocket folders + customizable tabs for easily flipping to sections help users stay organized.

Design Aesthetic

It’s no surprise when it is your constant companion: the prettiest planners are preferred, with feminine looks the most popular.

Lots of Space for Notes

No day is ever simple!  Notes are a must for follow-through across all platforms + will turn vague memories into valuable catalogues of information.

Inspirational Quotes + Grateful Reminders

The right quote at the right time can really impact your day, + the best planners are laced with powerful words for wonderful mindsets.  Reminders to focus on your daily affirmations, exercises, + priorities are part of living a balanced life.

Ladypreneur is the Best Planner for 2018

The Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director comprises all these design elements + more!  It was designed by a mom with a successful photography business who needed a planner that could not only allow for scheduling, but also financial tracking, intentions, + other features.


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