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Holiday Planning the Ladypreneur Way

FREE Holiday Shopping + Entertaining Planning Pages .pdf Downloads:  Holiday Planning the Ladypreneur Way!

Host perfect holiday parties + give the best presents The Ladypreneur way – with excellent planning + forethought.  Our schedules are crazy on any given day, so when both business + family events get ramped up from Thanksgiving to New Years, serious list making is on everyone’s to do lists!  (haha!)


List making truly allows you to get everything done because your goals are thought out + delineated:  The Ladypreneur Holiday Shopping + Entertaining Planning Pages are your master plan to make this the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the only way to Holiday!

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The Ladypreneur Holiday Shopping Planning Page will be with you throughout this busy season + there are numerous ways that the master list will simplify, yet amplify, the weeks ahead:

Give Better Gifts, Save Time + Money

It’s never too early to start making notes of thoughtful gifts for family + friends.  Besides the value of giving your favorite people a loving present, you will save yourself time shopping around, as well as money on frivolities to bulk up a gift that doesn’t feel just right.

Organized List, Relaxed Mind

Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but that is just the first step!  Ordering, wrapping, + shipping are other steps that must be taken to avoid overnight shipping fees.  Our Shopping List has space for everyone, with lines to consider Budget, Idea, Store, + where you are in the process’ steps.

Keeping track of project status will help you keep your mind clear to enjoy yourself!

Thoughtful Thinking

You always wanted to present a gift to someone who touches your life in an amazing way + always forget, so write it down + make it happen this holiday!

Holiday shopping list



Above view of thanksgiving dinner and family eating at table

The Ladypreneur Holiday Entertaining Planning Page will make your event appear effortless!  From turkey feasts to midnight Champagne , our fully customizable spread is open for whatever event you host.   Sections include:

Give your trips to the mall direction + events extra party panache!  The Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director with you every day, but especially when success is a warm heart + happy holiday.



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