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9 ways to stay balanced + happy this holiday season

The holidays are among us and with it comes the chaos of packed schedules + excess EVERYTHING! So here are 9 great ways to help keep the peace + stay balanced through the season!

Nourish Your Body  

it’s no secret that eating healthy makes you feel better, and we all know once the holiday season comes so do the sweets! So even though it’s really hard to stay on a sensible diet from day to day, try to! Not only your physical well being suffers but your emotional well being will as well.  Make sure to take the time to meal prep when going into a busy week.  Something easy to grab and go. Most importantly when facing all those holiday parties remember to focus on the people not the food this is a good start to staying balanced and happy!

Remember what is important

what better time than the holiday season to compare ourselves and our imperfections to everyone around us.  Our home isn’t quite cozy enough, or big enough, or clean enough (siigghhh) Don’t run ragged to live up to some perfect holiday tradition.  In order to keep balanced and happy let’s remember this is the season of kindness, giving, and forgiveness.  So be sure to throw a little of that your way also!

Try new things! 

If you know the certain feelings that get you down this time of year why not try something different. Surrender the routine that brings doom and gloom.  Go out to eat for Thanksgiving or get the family to skip gifts this year and adopt a family instead.  Consider taking time to help others by volunteering at a soup kitchen to give back and feel what this season is about!

Let go of control + ask others for help

 When you just feel like you really just can’t do it all this year then it is time to ask others for help.  The hardest part can be admitting we need help.  But delegating responsibilities can be so important to maintaining balance in our lives.  So when you do ask for help make sure to be specific and direct.  Ask a relative to host the holiday, or a friend and the kids to come help with decorations.  You never know what memories will be made by asking others to take on a few tasks in a different way this year! Also remember you can’t control others and their behavior but you can control yours.  You don’t have to let their decisions affect your sanity or well being.  We can only change ourselves this helps us stay balanced!

Stay on schedule  

your normal routine of day to day is just that, it is your normal! If you know you need 7-8 hours of sleep each night this is not the time to relinquish that and pull all nighters wrapping the kids gifts or running from one party to the next.  Sticking to a plan that you know works is half the battle in staying balanced.  So saying ‘NO’ to this lunch date or that happy hour is ok if that means keeping your sanity and overall happiness.

Keep expectations in check  

It really is best to go into the season with no expectations of what was, what should be, or what isn’t.  Take each day in  and enjoy each special memory being made for what it is.  You may find that is what will bring even more holiday spirit.   When you compare to ‘what was’ or ‘how it should be’ you will come up short every time.  Focus on the good the good gets bigger.  Focus on the bad the bad gets bigger.  It’s your choice!

Stay on budget

So if you are like us keeping budget is absolutely dreadful especially when we shop for others and see so many things for ourselves! But it is a MUST for keeping our emotional well being in tact! It is so important to decide on a spending limit and assign money to each category of expenses. If you need a shopping list for budgeting make sure to grab our christmas list insert which is a pdf download found in our Holiday planning blog post ! This will help track spending when shopping for others!

Honor remembered loved ones with new traditions

 ‘Tis the season to have heart break remembering those that you miss so dearly.  While some try to avoid discussing their loss, remembering deceased loved ones in holiday traditions keeps their memory alive and can be a comfort to a mourning heart.  How about doing a specific activity to honors those that aren’t here today.  Plan a certain activity with family members that your loved one always enjoyed doing themselves.  Make a donation in someone’s name to a charity such as salvation army or wounded warriors ( especially if they were a veteran)

But the most important way to stay balanced is to not forgot yourself in this time of giving to others, which is why we saved the best for last!

Schedule “me time”

Literally put it in your calendar. It could be 15 minutes for mediation,  an hour message, or moments of sitting and doing absolutely nothing.  This website has lots of more info for mediations + keeping balance within our selves.  If it is in your schedule you will be more inclined to follow through.  This is your personal quiet time that you have rightfully earned.  It’s ok! So actually write in your Ladypreneur planner and DO IT!

Remember these 9 ways to stay balanced + happy and you will be on your way to smiling more and getting frustrated less! This will lead to more enjoyment during the hustle + bustle of the holiday season!

Happy holidays from #weareladypreneur


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