The Cannoli Queen’s Review | Gabriella is a Ladypreneur

Gabriella, owner of Mannino’s Cannoli Express in Pitman, NJ, is a Ladypreneur!

Oh how we LOOOOOOOOVE hearing the reviews of fellow Ladypreneurs of the world! The Cannoli Queen & owner of Mannino’s Cannoli Express bought her Ladypreneur Life Organizer back in the spring and is loving it!

The Cannoli Queen aka, Gabriella Mannino Tomasello, has been in the business since she was a little girl. Her father, Vito Mannino, showed her the ropes from a young age which has now landed her with 3 cannoli carts/ trailers in the South NJ region. Also an Atlantic Cape Culinary graduate, Gabriella knows the true meaning of a cannoli. So not only is the cannoli queen a hustler she also is a busy mommy of 2 young girls so busy is her middle name!

Gaby writes on weareladypreneur FB page

“This organizer is absolutely brilliant. As a mother of two girls and a business owner, I have managed to not only keep track of upcoming events but also to incorporate the time for other important life responsibilities.

My favorite part of the planner is the fact that it’s not date printed. You can use it now or use it next year. The planner is made for YOU to customize it.
I was able to start my planner using this upcoming month of June! How amazing is that! I highly recommend purchasing a planner. It will help beyond what you can imagine. It helps you stay on track for appointments, schedules, call backs, birthdays, events, and whatever else may be important in your life. 

Life does get busy and time flies, we all sometimes are guilty of missing appointments. Now with this planner, I am able to not miss a damn thing! Which is how life should be! I can NOT stress enough how in love I am with this planner/ organizer. I am so extremely happy that I purchased one. Please take the time to shop small & realize that this is the best thing that will change your life”



You can find her on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE

The Cannoli Queen Reviews Her LadypreneurThe Cannoli Queen Reviews Her Ladypreneur

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