Brand vs. Brand Identity

Branding and brand identity are two different things though many use the words interchangeably.


Branding is the overall feeling associated with your business. When someone thinks of your business just what do they think about it?

One of the most interesting things about your personal brand is that it is never what you say it is. It is more what others are saying it is.  So, we begin building our brand by knowing what others think of us.

How do people decide what they think of you? Think about the wording on your website or tone of your social media accounts or newsletters, this might give a certain impression of your company.

Be your brand!

Across the globe, no matter what your business may be, it is in agreement that the most important way to develop your brand is to be authentic.  There is nobody on this earth quite like you, regardless of your business.  So have a unique voice, stand out by being you.  Work your brand into everything that you do.  Not just within your actions with friends + colleagues, or your hobbies, but even the clothes you wear.  So when potential clients + customers do meet you, your voice in person matches any tone they may have seen online.  This ensues trust in you and your business.

Don’t fret! There are professionals that can assist you in developing your brand.  A fellow ladypreneur such as Francesca Zampaglione, who will help you physically dress the part.  We also can’t stress enough to hire your favorite professional photographer for any product or headshots needed 🙂

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With that being said, we can not be all things to everyone.  It is a hard pill to swallow, but not every person is a potential client.  But by being authentic we will attract our target market.  Think about you as a consumer.  What companies do you trust and why?

The values, mission, and vision of your brand all contribute to your branding, even your customer service policies play a role in defining your brand.

What inspires YOU? Why are you on this mission? This inspires others.  It is so important to focus on your journey, tell your story, while resisting comparing your product where others may fail.

Know your mission, Believe your mission, Live your mission.

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So what is Brand Identity?

Well, all of the above helps dictate your brand identity choices.

The brand identity is strictly the visual part of your brand, which includes your logo, color palette, font choices, patterns, and use of photography. PS. we always love referencing pinterest when looking for stunning palette color ideas!

When creating your brand identity take into account the following

  • your voice
  • your message
  • the products you sell
  • your target market

These will help you choose color schemes, logo types, fonts , and overall designs.  This is the quickest way potential clients get a feel for your business. So it is then the quickest way for someone to figure out if they are interested in your business, that is just how important brand identity is!

Once you commit to your brand identity now throw it a party!

Yes throw it a party! It is also EXTREMELY important that once you choose your identity now you will use it EVERYWHERE. Use this design as your voice anywhere your business is shown in a visual manner.  This includes all social media outlets, websites, and in print form.  Make sure to stay consistent and fluid so at any time a potential client can immediately recognize your company.  There are times when we have only seconds to appeal to our market.  Make it count!

Your brand should be your company’s best salesperson, because you use it for things like inbound  or outbound marketing and honestly it defines who you are! We advise you to hire professionals such as designers who specialize in brand identity such as mialane design. They help with developing logos and color schemes etc.

“Though I own two very different companies, the color palette of both businesses coordinate to reflect me as a person along with my brand and brand identity.  Web stores such as creative market have helped me and my designers develop my brand identity.” -allison anne

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We love talking about brand and brand identity! It is literally as unique as each of us! How do you reflect your brand and brand identity?

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