Ladypreneur Social Event: Annata Wine Bar

The first Ladypreneur Social Event at Annata Wine Bar was a glowing success!  We mixed, we mingled, + we all left feeling fantastic!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who attended, made possible, + helped capture the essence of our first event!

The experience was absolutely mind blowing! Thank you everyone for your time, inspiring words, + sharing your truth with the room. It was a very special few hours I will never ever forget.  You all taught me so much + I’m forever grateful to each of you for sharing your time + talent!

Thank you to The Hammonton Gazette for snapping pics of the room + the meeting of minds! I can’t wait to see + share all of the coverage you create!

A special thanks to Jackie of Annata Wine Bar in Hammonton.  The family owned + operated restaurant is stunning, with seriously beautiful seating design, + the private room is spacious + well appointed for special events.  Food + service were fantastic + the atmosphere was perfect for meeting new friends.

The complimentary wine from Amalthea Cellars was SUPURB.  We were poring two new varietals from their award-winning (beat Bordeaux in a blind taste test!) winter 2017 portfolio:  Fume Blanc + Cabernet Sauvignon.

We mixed, we mingled + I even said a few words!

But mostly I listened. I listened to women that are dying for a community of women helping women. To learn from each other and be inspired through Community Over Competition. Business is DAMN HARD + we shared our struggles + our business needs + I heard you loud + clear!

Nick from The Dependent Independent shot a video of me engaging with the guests.  Nick’s video follows, or check out our  youtube page!  Nick, thank you so much for being the first MAN to buy & be a Ladypreneur; your enthusiasm is awesome & I look forward to working with you on future endeavors.

All this while raising money for the Puerto Rican Civic Assoc. of Hammonton Relief Efforts!  Our awesome guest who won the 50/50 donated it back, so we were able to give a generous donation directly to the community.

I had a spring + summer Ladypreneur business event planned, but after leaving feeling so fulfilled, I decided to plan a winter event! You will be hearing from us soon + I am hoping you all join!



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