Ladypreneur on The Dependent Independent Podcast

Allison, the creator of The Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director, will be a featured guest on ‘The Dependent Independent Podcast’!

The Dependent Independent Podcast

Allison will be joining Nick of ‘The Dependent Independent’, Jess of ‘Drinks With Jess Podcast’, + Rebecca Gillis of Liberty Mutual to talk tattoos, beer, + life as a Ladypreneur!  Nick is so cool, he has a Ladypreneur planner; it’s pink, but he doesn’t care because it helps him navigate his schedule.

The podcast will be LIVE at stylish craft brew pub Vinyl Brewing Company in Hammonton, NJ on Saturday, November 4.  The Meet + Greet is at 6:30 & the recording magic starts at 7.  This event is free to attend + bring a friend because the conversation will be fun + the beer will be flowing (+ delicious!)

the Dependent Independent

The Dependent Independent + Ladypreneur share a common mission: The Dependent Independent Podcast focuses on making connections through sharing experiences + the upcoming Ladypreneur Social Event at Annata Wine Bar is to encourage a community of connections to support + drive entrepreneurs.  We are all about community over competition!

Ladypreneur Social Event


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