Ladypreneur Contest Winner

Our First Ladypreneur Contest Winner:  Congratulations to Jennifer Rittenberry Photography

The first batch of Ladypreneur Life Organizer+ Day Directors were shipped around the country + even around the world!  These initial planners were part of a contest to win a $150 Visa Gift Card to celebrate the purchaser’s decision to take further steps to success.

Congratulations to Jennifer Rittenberry of Jennifer Rittenberry Photography!  Not only did she make the decision to organize + optimize her busy schedule, she dedicated herself to furthering the success of her burgeoning business.

contest winner

Jennifer is newborn & maternity photographer based out of Louisville, Kentucky.  She was named 2016 Parent’s Choice by Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Magazine, making her one of the most sought after children’s photographers in her state, with clients often traveling well over an hour to attend for sessions.  She owns & runs a beautiful brick & mortar studio where she hosts intimate, family oriented shoots.

Jennifer was in the market for a planner, specifically for an entrepreneur in the creative industry.  The Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director creator Allison is a creative entrepreneur + is thrilled that the planner is helping enhance Jennifer’s business, family, + professional success!

Jennifer has been using her Ladypreneur planner for a few months now, + happily gave us a review of her experience, “Now I can manage all my business brainstorming, session ideas, client bookings + follow-ups all in one place!  Every multi-tasker needs this planner.”

If you are interested in evolving your time & lifestyle management, purchase your own Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director!  If you already own a planner, check out our Fall 2017 Contest + spread the message of success!


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  1. Thank you so much for helping me get organized with this amazing Life Organizer + Day Director. I honestly don’t know what I did before I had this planner in my life. And I’m blown away that I won the contest, too! All for loving an amazing product.

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