Creating Original Content for Social Media

Creating Original Content for Social Media, Image Ideas +  Ladypreneur Social Media Scheduling Section

Constantly creating original content for your social media audience to engage with is a time consuming, yet extremely necessary, component of a successful business.  Your online community wants to be part of the lifestyle of your brand, so make it worth their while & give them thoughtful, valuable content.

Every post should be purposeful:  words should reflect the tone of your business with relevant information, photos should support the words + drive engagement with your message.  Keeping your content updated is a labor of love, reflexive of the passion you continually invest in your professional products.

Yes, it is a struggle to keep your content feeling + looking fresh when you work on it consistently.  With planning, patience, + creativity, your social media will continue to shine + sell.

Advice on Creating Original Content for Social Media

  • Plan Ahead:  Take original photos, have a posting plan, check analytics for best times + post types
  • Don’t Over-or-Under Post!  Once a day is standard for most platforms.  If you post on the same channel more than once, space out timing accordingly.
  • Capture + share quality photos:  Writing, shooting + sharing thoughtful content is the best way for your content to then be re-shared; quality over quantity is still an excellent rule of thumb.  Blurry, poorly cropped photos cheapen.
  • Stay on-brand!  Make a list of the types of content that represents your brand + do not stray

Social Media Image Ideas:

Product Descriptions + Highlights– Describe elements of your product or services, trying to answer any questions your audience may have or introduce needs they have that need to be addressed (by you!)

Quotes– Generic quote layouts just don’t work anymore; design quotes in a particular style + stick with it; your audience will begin to recognize you.

Behind the Scenes– How did I Make This, How Do I Do That, New Project on the Board, Shipping Day!

Flat Lay– Shooting “from above” is they stylish stylist’s preferred view.

Contest, Charity, Event Call-to-Action– Contests, events, + charity involvement are community-focused opportunities for engagement with a positive message, which is what your business is probably all about!  Donating time is just as valuable as donating money.

Share User Generated Content + Reviews– Your satisfied customers are your most loyal spokesmodels!

About the Owner/Company/Staff– Who is the team supporting your ideas + how do their values connect with the brand?

Video– Videos are extremely popular; consider doing a video series of one of the aforementioned categories.

Ladypreneur Life Organizer + Day Director:  Social Media Scheduling Section

The Ladypreneur planner has a Social Media Spread section to keep your month on track, making the days you produce content effective for generating + allocating.

Social Media Calendar– This section will give you the space to track & schedule your posts.  Never forget a #MotivationalMonday again!  Fill in the days so every month is customized.

Blog + Website Update Chart– “We are our brand.  Don’t be afraid to get personal”  Tip:  Customize this chart to track our website updates & blog posts.  Blogging is essential to SEO.

Business Inquiries, Leads + Bookings:  Keep track of business generated on social media so no clients slip through the cracks!   This will help you recognize ROI for both financial & time investments for different platforms.


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