Time Management + Optimization Advice


Ladypreneurs offer advice on time management & optimization

We spoke to local & international business women to learn about the way they conduct their day to day, in hopes of unlocking some of the doorways to success!  What thing they all have in common:  a tireless attitude toward the happiness & health of their families utilizing their Ladypreneur Planners!

JENNIFER, Real Estate Agent:  Jennifer is a busy mother of 5, so when a task lands on her desk she completes it immediately and moves on to the next. She never stops moving!

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

BROOKE, Sales & Marketing, Volunteer – Hammonton 1st Town Council Candidate,  Owner – Vinyl Brewing (opening with husband this month):  With a full roster of family, civic, & professional responsibilities, Brooke does she can the night before while the kids are sleeping.

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

JENNY, Owner Crimson Hair Studio:  Ladypreneur is used to track her expenses for the month, which makes it easier for her book keeper reports.

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

GEYSHA, Owner – Kiss n’ Makeup HMUA:  A color-coding system is this busy, beautifying mom’s savior.  She also keeps certain days to certain tasks so that she knows she will have quality family time.

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

SUSAN, Owner/ Teacher – Susan Watson Leiser’s Piano Studio: Susan makes a daily task list first thing in the morning so she always has the time for her child & her students.

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

JENNIFER, Co-Owner/Teacher – The Dance Connection:  Voice command saves time in email writing, making this mom a skilled multi-tasker.  Logistically, Jennifer also organizes her day around where errands will be within the same distance to save time

LORI, Co-Owner/Teacher – The Dance Connection:  Lori is already raising a child, has one on the way, & a busy career to manage!  Lori finds success setting daily goals, staying up late, & getting up early a big part of her daily success.
Ladypreneur Time Management Advice
JANA, Owner – Rejuvenation Day Spa, Hammonton NJ:  Jana prays every single night to her grandparents & to God asking for guidance; she also says a prayer of gratitude for everything she has, including beautiful children & stunning day spa.
Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

JENNIFER, Owner/Professional Photographer – Jennifer Rittenberry Photography:   Jennifer uses her Ladypreneur to plan her week, especially social media tracking, allowing her to prep her work & her family responsibilities the day before.

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

KRISTIN, Condo Association Manager, Mother of 3, & More!:  Kristin’s family & professional hustle relies on healthy meal prep to make the day & week a dietary success!

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

ALENA, Owner – Mia Lane Design:  When we saw the day planner Alena designed, we knew she was the visual artist to create the Ladypreneur Life Organizer.  This mother on the move wears so many hats, and her beautifully created planner the Hocus Focus is a tear out, list-making genius that goes hand and hand with the Ladypreneur Life Organizer and is the key to her style of success.

Ladypreneur Time Management Advice

Whatever your methods to success, keep moving & take notes:  the Ladypreneur is your tool to reaching short & long term success goals.



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