(not a) COOL MOM | Hammonton NJ

A recent “mom-fail” is proof that I just am not a “cool mom” (thoughtful, creative, & loving, but not cool!):  Moms who go the extra mile are Ladypreneurs!

I thought I would surprise my daughter Julia today with a Nutella sandwich cut out in the letter “J”.  My girl is a picky eater & I’m thrilled I finally found something the kid would eat on bread – CHOCOLATE!  (What a surprise.)

So who out there actually makes sandwiches cut out of little shapes for a child for lunch. Like who does this? I did.  And I was excited about it:  I took the extra step to make my daughter’s lunch fun, creative, delicious, & special.

Now I thought I was the mom of the year for this. Finally, I’d be the COOL MOM, whose sandwiches were the envy of the whole lunchroom.  That she would giggle her way through her day at the thought of her “J” sandwich.

I told her there was a surprise in her lunch box.  She ran to open it before the bus came; she couldn’t wait to see the surprise I had given her. She looked up at me then looked down at it, pouted and ran to throw it in the trash. I was, to say the least, VERY CONFUSED. “Mommy it’s so small I’ll starve. No mommy I don’t want it! Why did you give me this?!”

Really?? Really?? This sums up my life as a mother. I know nothing.  When I think I’m going to be THAT COOL MOM I know I need to think again.

I thank my daughter daily for reminding me that zero expectations is the way to go in life.

To all the uncool moms I salute you.

Happy Friday. I need a cocktail 


(not a) COOL MOM | Hammonton NJ