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A Restauranteur’s Review | Jackie is a Ladypreneur

Jackie, the proprietor of family owned & operated Hammonton hot spot Annata Wine Bar, is a Ladypreneur!


Jackie is the owner of Annata Wine Bar in Hammonton NJ– a frequent destination on my social calendar 🙂

I was speaking to her at our daughters’ dance class at The Dance Connection one afternoon and had my prototype of the Ladypreneur Life Organizer in my hand.  I started talking to her about planners.  Now Jackie and I have been friends since we were pregnant.  This was a conversation we had never had.  This momma has a full time sales position, runs Annata Wine Bar which is a family restaurant, and has two beautiful daughters.   When she pulled out her organizational system, I WAS FLOORED.  She had everything with her, cause well, we work when we can right? Jackie had 3 different books and 2 different calendars.  It may have seemed overwhelming to look at, but she didn’t miss a beat with her system.  So we talked and every monday night I would see her and we would talk about my prototype and I would show her the changes.  She ended up giving me some of the best feedback in the creative process and used the first printed prototype I gave out (which was given to 8 different ladies).  But there were days I sat there and said “Jackie, I don’t think you are my market.  I just don’t think my planner can consolidate your intricate system.”  But she used it and REALLY used it! When she bought the Ladypreneur Life Organizer in the presale I felt extremely accomplished! I am so thankful to her for her input into this (what is in my opinion) a life changing and inspiring organizational tool!

Love you Jackie! Go visit her at ANNATA WINE BAR!


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