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Career Wardrobe empowers people to re-enter the workforce with confidence:  Career Wardrobe is full of Ladypreneurs for us to salute & proudly support!

I love the Career Wardrobe and everything they stand for!
As the Ladypreneur Day Planner was in the creative stages, it really started to evolve into a world of it’s own. The community that it serves started to become bigger than I had ever imagined!  As I continue to grow the name and idea, I have been thinking about developing the reach of The Ladypreneur.  I was chatting with Jenny my hair stylist from Crimson Hair Studio & she mentioned the work she does with Career Wardrobe in Philadelphia PA I realized it was THE PERFECT idea to donate a portion of all proceeds of the Ladypreneur to different charities & that Career Wardrobe would be the very first one!

Career Wardrobe’s mission is ensure that job seekers are prepared for their interview opportunities & provide education & clothing for their clients to gain confidence & reach their best level of personal success!  So if you can’t afford a certain wardrobe item for an interview, they supply that! They also work with organizations to get not just women but all back to work to empower families! I thought what a perfect match for Ladypreneur! We are all about the hustle! So this fit perfectly!

They host their annual Hope’s Night Out Fashion Show & Auction, so I donated a Ladypreneur Day Planner to help raise money for this charitable event.  My mom & I attended & we had a great time supporting the cause.  Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney was an honored speaker, as well as many different television & radio personalities, who walked a fashion show alongside men & women who have received assistance as part of the success of the 21 year social enterprise.

The woman who won the Ladypreneur found out I was the designer & approached me to let me know how excited she was to have won such an incredible life planner!  She is a “planner addict” & a Ladypreneur herself!  She is an event designer with a busy schedule, so I’m sure our Life Organizer + Day Director will be perfect for her lifestyle.

ladypreneur life planner + day director


I am so excited for her & thrilled to be part of the Career Wardrobe community of compassion.


Today I made our donation and will continue to support Career wardrobe! Thank you for all you do!

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Thank you Rachel Van Anglen for the stunning product shot!

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